External Advisory Board

Dr. David A. Eiznhamer Dr. David A. Eiznhamer
Advanced Life Sciences
Professor Valery Fokin Professor Valery Fokin
Scripps Research Institute
Professor Paul Hergenrother Professor Paul Hergenrother
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Jim Leahy Dr. Jim Leahy
Dr. Daryl R. Sauer Dr. Daryl R. Sauer
Abbott Laboratories
Professor Jared. T. Shaw Professor Jared. T. Shaw
University of California Davis
Professor Brian Shoichet Professor Brian Shoichet
University of California San Francisco
Professor Alexander Tropsha Professor Alexander Tropsha
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Internal Steering Committee

Professor Vladimir Gevorgyan Professor Vladimir Gevorgyan
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7061
Professor Milan Mrksich Professor Milan Mrksich
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637
Professor Karl Scheidt Professor Karl Scheidt
Department of Chemistry
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL 60208
Professor Hisashi Yamamoto Professor Hisashi Yamamoto
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637